The Triple Package of Hot Ones and Reebok Is Hot!


Hot Ones is a popular YouTube series and has interviewed countless celebrities. The funny thing about Hot Ones? If you sit at Hot Ones, you have to eat more and more spicy chicken wings. Reebok probably also finds the format interesting, as the label is now releasing a collab with Hot Ones. A total of three sneakers with extremely sharp details will be dropped. Take a look at the pictures here.

In only a few days, you can decide which Hot Ones x Reebok Club C 85, Classic Leather, or Shaqnosis you want to wear. Each variant is sharper than the other, and you can tell by the Scoville scale, which is visible on the tongue. It starts very mildly with the Hot Ones x Reebok Club C 85 with a Scoville level of 1.985. The sneakers are very quiet as the clean parts are not very noticeable.

Then, the slightly hotter Hot Ones x Reebok Classic Leather with a Scoville Level of 198.300 follows. The sneakers are a little darker and have yellow and red hits.

Finally, the extremely hot Hot Ones x Reebok Shaqnosis with a Scoville level of 1.995.000 completes the pack. In our opinion, this is also the best sneaker of the Hot Ones x Reebok collection. Black leather, big and coloured waves, and colour-matched elements make this sneaker undeniably hot.

When Does the Hot Ones x Reebok Collection Drop?

On November 19th, the three-piece Hot Ones x Reebok collection will be released by Reebok. The sneakers cost between 98€ and 156€.


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