The 10 Best Sweatshirts

Sweatshirts are absolute must-haves in every wardrobe. The garments are fluffy, warm, and can also completely change any outfit in just a few seconds. Sweatshirts are the simplest basics that nobody wants to miss out. If you want to add new sweatshirts to your daily rotation now, check out these ten best sweatshirts.

Carhartt WIP Vista Sweat – 130€



Stüssy Stock Logo Crewneck – 125€



Clan de Banlieue Dynasty Sweater – 120€



Nike Club Fleece Crew – 65€



CLOT Globe Logo Sweatshirt – 139€



Brain Dead Readers Sweater – 190€



Nike Sportswear Club Fleece – 70€



New Balance Legends Sweat – 55€



Daily Paper Nedidi Sweater – 105€



Lauren London x Puma Sweatshirt – 65€



What is a Sweatshirt?

Sweatshirts for men and women are a real eye-catcher as a basic. But what is a sweatshirt anyway? Sweatshirts are actually nothing more than a jumper or a crewneck. Manufacturers and retailers use just about every term for the garment. They are mostly casually cut, giving you endless possibilities to pair them with other apparel. Sweatshirts exist in different cuts, lengths, materials, and colours. Because of this large selection, there is always a perfect match for your outfit.

How to Combine a Sweatshirt Correctly

Do you want to combine your sweatshirt the right way? Then you should pay attention to the overall impression. With the right clothes and accessories, you can always create the perfect outfit. With casual trousers, for example, you can choose a casual oversized sweatshirt. You can also wear a sweatshirt on warm days. But then, you should go for shorts and avoid a T-shirt entirely, as it can get too warm under your jumper. Do you like it rather elegant and comfortable? Then we recommend a knitted sweatshirt. This is perfect in winter when we cannot certainly do without the warm materials.

Sweatshirt or Crewneck? That’s the Difference

Actually, you could say that every sweatshirt is a crewneck or jumper, but not every crewneck is a sweatshirt. For that, you would have to take a closer look at the origin of the clothes. Almost 100 years ago, sweatshirts were used for sports. Athletes wore sweatshirts during training or after sport so that they didn’t cool off immediately. The tops are flocked on the inside, are made of cotton and absorb sweat better. A short time later, new “sweatshirts” appeared. Designers took advantage of the shape and used other materials. So you could say that sweatshirts are made of cotton and crewnecks or jumpers can be made of many fabrics.

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