The 10 Best Shorts

,Especially in summer, we love shorts. They are obviously short, airy and very comfortable to wear. Moreover, the short trousers look very sporty and can be combined with other pieces. Have you got a taste for them now or are you already looking for new shorts for your daily rotation? We have rummaged through the many retailers again and show you the 10 best shorts from Nike, adidas, Daily Paper and many more. Have fun!

LFDY Basic Shorts “Heather Grey” – 50€



Pharrell Williams Basics Short – 85€



Pharrell Williams x adidas Basic Shorts – 65€


adidas Originals Skateboarding Allover Print – 65€


Tommy Hilfiger Linear Logo Shorts – 75€


Jordan Sport DNA Mesh-Shorts – 55€



Jordan Sport Dri-FIT Diamond Shorts – 50€



Jordan Quai 54 Shorts – 65€



Tommy Hilfiger Tri Tape Fleece Shorts – 80€


Jordan DNA Tie Dye Shorts – 55€


What are Shorts?

Shorts are one of the hottest items of clothing in summer. The classics for the warmest time of the year are most used precisely then, as they are extremely loose-fitting and don’t look too stuffy. Perfect for those who prefer the casual look with shorts. But what are shorts? Shorts are simply “short trousers” that are cut just above the knee. Shorts are also called Bermudas or Bermuda shorts by some fashion enthusiasts. Fun fact about shorts: The best length for shorts is a hand’s width above the knee or at most to the knee. A longer pair of shorts would of course also be possible, but could then be seen more as a different piece of clothing. If you have no other choice, however, you should confidently fold the trouser leg once or twice for an optimal length of the shorts.

Shorts are for Men and Women

In the past, it might have been said that shorts were more for men, but that is no longer the case. Nowadays, women can also grab a pair for shorts and create a casual outfit. Here, however, the choice of the right shorts for women naturally plays an important role. If you want to conceal wide hips, you should go for wide shorts made of light fabric. If you have short legs, shorts with a narrow, straight cut are perfect.

And a little tip on choosing the right shoes for women with shorts – the shorter your shorts are, the flatter your sneakers should be. In other words, leave your high heels in the wardrobe.

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