The 10 Best Oversize Hoodies

Big, bigger, oversize! Today, it’s hard to ignore the trend. Oversized clothes are all the rage, and it doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a hoodie or a t-shirt that is “oversized”. But there are a few rules you should follow when wearing an oversized outfit. We’ll show you what those rules are and also the 10 best oversize hoodies that are currently in fashion. Let’s go!

Nike NRG Soloswoosh Hoodie “Purple”


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Air Jordan Jumpman Graphic Fleece Hoodie


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PSG x Air Jordan Hoodie “White”


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Karl Kani Signature Block Hoodie


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Nike Sportswear Womens Fleece Hoodie


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Palm Angels Bear Hoodie


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Off-White Monalisa Over Hoodie


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adidas Originals Graphic Hoodie


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Levi’s Bandana Pop Over Hoodie


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Stüssy Basic Hoodie


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What Does Oversize Mean?

Let’s start with the basic question. What is this trend that everyone is talking about? You can probably already guess what the trend is associated with. In the big fashion world, size matters, and with the oversize trend, the hoodie, the t-shirt, or the trousers can be one size up. But pay close attention to the overall package! If you go too far with the oversize trend, your style can backfire. That’s why there are a few rules you should follow when choosing an outfit.

What to Look for in Your Oversize Outfit

Feel free to reach for one size up, but not for every piece of clothing! Just imagine how you would look if you’re wearing oversized trousers with an oversized hoodie. You would be lost in your own clothes. Therefore, we can only recommend one thing for your oversized look: combine an oversized garment with a tight-fitting piece. This could be an oversized hoodie and tight trousers or leggings, for example, or the other way round, such as baggy trousers and a tight-fitting turtleneck jumper. Not at all the type for big-cut clothes? No problem! You can also create a modern oversized outfit with accessories, and when it comes to jewellery, you have a huge choice. Large and eye-catching earrings or very large sunglasses are also part of the trend.

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