The 10 Best Flannel Jackets

Hardly any other piece is seen on the streets as often as the flannel jacket. Hypebeasts and fashion enthusiasts just love those trendy flannel jackets and combine almost any outfit with them. As they are in great demand and sold out in many shops, we have selected the ten best flannel jackets for you, which are still available in many sizes. Have fun!

LFDY Cord Collar Flannel Jacket – 140€



Dickies Nimmons Ponderosa Shirt – 75€



Stüssy Quilted Lined Plaid Shirt – 175€



Levi’s Bernal Heigh Overshirt – 120€



Dickies Nimmons Longsleeve Shirt – 75€



Pegador Flato Heavy Flannel – 70€



Sean John Script Logo Flannel Overshirt – 90€



Karl Kani Chest Signature Flannel Shirt Jacket – 100€



Pegador Heavy Hair Flannel “Brown” – 70€



Filling Pieces Studio Flannel Jacket – 375€



What is flannel?

Everyone who has ever worn or even felt a flannel jacket or shirt knows what flannel is. Flannel is a fabric, which is characterised by its lightness and yet warming properties. As flannels are usually made of wool or cotton, they are extremely absorbent. Therefore, we would rather not wear a flannel jacket in wet weather, but rather as a transition jacket on colder days. The essential components of a flannel jacket are often a higher collar and a breast pocket. That’s why flannel jackets and shirts also look a lot like a slightly thicker shirt, although the chequered pattern always plays a major role in refining the retro look.

Why is flannel so popular?

The flannel trend has gone down like a bomb. Suddenly, every second lifestyle enthusiast has felt the need to wear a flannel jacket or shirt that his great-grandfather used to wear when he was a woodcutter. But we can’t really explain the trend either. The years 2019 and 2020 are marked by the retro trend, and some celebrities and influencers have refined the old-fashioned style with an old flannel jacket. But the difference between the flannel jackets and shirts is hardly noticeable, as both have a similar cut. Most of the time, flannel shirts are much thinner and therefore more suitable for everyday use than a thicker flannel jacket.

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