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Sotheby’s Auctions the Rare UNC Pack by Michael Jordan

Sotheby’s has long been known only as an online platform, but since the beginning of this month, the company has opened its own shop for sneakers. That doesn’t mean that Sotheby’s is not going to auction rare items anymore. The world-famous auction house is now auctioning the rare Jordan Brand x Converse “UNC Pack” by […]

The Last Dance – The Documentary Series about Michael Jordan Will Be Released in April

A more perfect release date couldn’t have been found for the documentary series by Michael Jordan. The ten-part series entitled, “The Last Dance”, will be moved forward due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Six-time champion Michael “His Airness” Jordan is one of the best basketball players of all time. In his NBA career, the legend averaged […]

Why Michael Jordan Chose Nike Over adidas or Converse

David Falk is probably known only to the biggest Michael Jordan fans. This is because he plays a very big role in MJ’s life. He is in fact the long-time sports agent for GOAT. In the latest episode of The Boardroom, Kevin Durant’s sports agent Rich Kleiman interviews the now 70-year-old David Falk. David has […]

Michael Jordan on Zion Williamson

Zion Williamson is finally a part of the New Orleans Pelicans and delivers some heavy matches. For Michael Jordan, it is probably already clear that he is quite a remarkable person and a very good player. He confirms this in his short interview with Charlotte Hornets and Milwaukee Bucks after his first NBA game in […]

Michael Jordan Selling a Big Part of the Charlotte Hornets

As the Charlotte Hornets’ chairman, Michael Jordan will be selling a big part of the team to two investors who are currently based in New York. He will, however, still remain as the chairman despite giving up a huge portion of the team. Charlotte Observer states that MJ will be bringing in the two founders, […]

Michael Jordan – All You Need to Know About the Legend

Michael Jordan’s website describes him as the best basketball player ever. Well, that might still be debatable for some. An irrefutable fact, however, is that he is, by far, the richest basketball player of all time. His legendary deal with Nike 20 years ago has given him a multiple of his basketball salary. It’s no […]