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With the Mike Tyson x Chinatown Market Collab You Get the Desire to Box

Chinatown Market Wow, you really don’t get to see this very often! Boxing legend Mike Tyson and the label Chinatown Market are releasing a heavy collab. The now 53-year-old boxer was one of the youngest boxers to win a world heavyweight championship title. Now, we get to see the same legend on hoodies, tees and […]

Chinatown Market Works on the New PUMA Future Rider Silhouette

CHINATOWN MARKET X PUMA FUTURE RIDER “BLACK” CHINATOWN MARKET X PUMA FUTURE RIDER “WHITE” Believe it or not, German sportswear label PUMA has unfortunately often been overshadowed by other sporting goods manufacturers. Only a few releases from PUMA make it to the fore. But, with Chinatown Market, PUMA has found a really strong partner. Together […]