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Hikmet Sugoer Sells Round About 800 Popular Pairs Exclusively on eBay

EBAY Update 15.02.2022 The sneakers from the first and second drop were a great success, but drop 3 could be even better. Hikmet will auction the “Basketball” sneakers on February 15th. A big highlight is the white Off-White x Nike Air Force 1 “The Ten”, which will certainly fetch a very high price. Other highlights […]

KLEKT – This is How the Authentication Works

KLEKT We’ve already written an extensive article about KLEKT and buying and selling at Europe’s Original Marketplace for deadstock sneakers, streetwear and accessories. Today, however, we take a look behind the scenes at how authentication actually works. What are the components of authentication to be able to distinguish a fake sneaker from an original? How […]

NFTs on StockX

STOCKX VAULT NFT Nike, adidas, and now StockX. More and more companies are introducing the so-called NFTs. In the other articles, we have already talked about Non-Fungible Tokens in detail, and so we will just skip this explanatory part now. Instead, we’ll look directly at StockX’s NFTs. The Future of Culture Is Here – StockX […]

What If? This is What a The Witcher Sneaker Collab Could Look Like

Are you excited about the second season of The Witcher? On December 17th, Geralt of Rivia, Ciri, Yennefer and other characters will be fighting epic battles on Netflix, but what is season 2 of The Witcher actually about? You can find a short summary here. We remember when Geralt and Ciri searched for each other […]

StockX Black Friday – Over $2,500,000 Worth of Prizes and Guaranteed Wins

StockX StockX is launching its biggest Black Friday ever on November 26th. The platform is giving away over $2,500,000 worth of prizes and you are the winners. Guaranteed! No fake, no games or other gimmicks. For example, you can win a StockX voucher worth $10,000, free sneakers for a whole year or other hype releases. […]