Schrittmacher Designs with KangaROOS a Stollen-Inspired Shield MiG

Schrittmacher is one of the best-known sneaker shops that has been around for 22 years now. But, exactly 10 years ago, the Schrittmacher team began to specialize in sneakers. What used to be just an interest and a hobby easily became a full-time profession.

And, they clearly show this same enthusiasm for sneakers through a collaborative pacemaker x KangaROOS Shield MiG “Stollen”. The inspiration for the sneakers actually came from a special Christmas season pastry—the Stollen. The stollen is a traditional fruit bread that is eaten especially at Christmas time.

The main ingredients of the Stollen are citron peel, candied orange peel, raisins, and lots of sugary icing. These main ingredients are in fact also the main features of the pacemaker x KangaROOS Shield MiG “Stollen”. The mesh base shows a colourful gradient from light green to light orange. The raisins are reflected on the KangaROOS logos as well as on the eyelets.

To ensure that the sneakers are made with high-quality materials, the two brands use materials such as Alcantara, nubuck, and velour. The result is a first-class, German-made sneaker, which is severely limited. Only 303 pairs were produced.

Check out the pacemaker and KangaROOS collab inspired by the Stollen!

This is one extraordinary creation indeed that has such an interesting inspiration. Because of this and it being a limited-edition pair, the price is expected to go through the roof when it drops. The release will be on December 7th at 19:00 hours in-store at Schrittmacher and again online on December 8th at 00:00 hours. Don’t miss the next news and get the Grailify app. There, we’ll keep you up to date.

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