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Sneaker Release Calendar from Grailify

Every day, many people around the world miss the restocks and releases of limited edition shoes. We believe that no one should suffer such a sad fate. Rather, everyone should be able to get hold of their beloved sneakers directly and without detours. We can´t make sure that more kicks are produced and that no one will ever miss out again, but we can drastically increase your chances for a win. With our sneaker release calendar, you get a detailed overview of a multitude of upcoming releases before anyone else even knows about them! Grailify will keep you up to date with the latest news, so you´ll be able to keep an eye on your next potential buy and definitely be ready to cop them just in time.

Knowing when a sneaker will be released is not enough, especially for the very limited edition models. Many kicks are sold out in a matter of seconds in a shop, so you should switch to another seller as soon as possible. But if you don´t have any idea at all, which other retailers are selling the much sought-after model, then the desired buy could very quickly become an absolute fail. Accordingly, our sneaker release calendar gives you an overview for each shoe and shop, so you know where you can buy the respective models alternatively.

You decide which sneaker releases you want to see!

With the sneaker release calendar, you do not only stay up-to-date, but you can also decide individually which shoes you want to see. In addition to the chronological listing by release date, you can also use the various filter settings to customize the release calendar to suit your needs.

Do you happen to be in love with a brans particular sneaker and are you interested in just their kicks anyway? For this special case, we have added the brands category so that you only get the latest sneaker releases of your favourite brand. Of course, you can take this a little further and even limit yourself to certain shoe lines or models. For example, if you like the Nike Air Max sneakers, you can select them in our brand category and you will only know about the upcoming releases of this specific model. In a time when we are often bound to be overly stimulated with information, it can be very useful to limit yourself to what is simply essential to you.

By the way, we have also integrated a price filter into our sneaker release calendar so that you have full control over how much you want to spend on the upcoming shoe releases and which models are suitable for your budget. After all, there are still some rational people who don´t spend 700£ on the latest kicks.😉 By combining this with the brand filter, you can now search for your next potential cop more effectively than ever before.

As you would expect from a good release calendar, we have the individual price filter as well as the typical filter functions like sorting by lowest and highest price. Accordingly, the respective shoe releases will be displayed only in the limits you set. This saves you a lot of time and nerves when searching for the right sneakers!

More Than Just a Release Calendar

First and foremost, it is of course most important to us that you are always up to date with the latest sneaker releases and always know about the shops offering them. But the calendar is much more than just a list! Every single sneaker gets the corresponding background story, release info and latest news. So if you like one particular sneaker, you get to read about the interesting story behind its creation.

Keep yourself up to date with the help of countless possibilities!

Nowadays, there are numerous information channels with which you can get up to date on thousands of topics. So why not make the same thing possible with sneaker releases? Every shoe enthusiast probably prefers a different way to find out about the releases of their beloved kicks. Grailify does not only want to offer you a highly customizable release calendar, but also wants to give you the freedom to choose the way you want to get information.

The Grailify Sneaker App

The Grailify sneaker app brings all the advantages of the release calendar to your Android or Apple smartphone for free. Of course, this includes the main feature in form of the calendar, which keeps you up to date about all important sneaker releases and gives you a good overview at the same time.

Of course, you can also find out at which shop your favourite sneaker is available. But that is not all! The calendar itself allows you to set up a release alarm clock, which sends a push notification directly to your mobile phone.

Of course, you are free to decide which shoe release should get a reminder and how far in advance this actually happens. For example, if you´re about to get hold of a highly sought-after Off-White x Nike sneaker, the app will automatically remind you that the release is just around the corner.

With this feature, you are definitely on the safe side with your next cop. Furthermore, you can add each sneaker to your personal favorites in the release calendar to keep track of your favorites. You can also take a look at the votings to keep track of the sneakers that are currently most popular in the community. Furthermore, you also have the possibility to give all your sneakers an up or down vote yourself.

At this point, the features don´t stop there. The integrated Grailalarm informs you in time about all unexpected events in the sneaker world. This includes sudden restocks, early shoe releases and much more. By the way, the Grailalarm is also the best place to go for our giveaways and we will inform you about them immediately.

Let´s not forget the news section within the Grailify App. There, you will get all the news of the sneaker scene and you will always know what is currently going on. So you can easily inform yourself about current rumours, leaks, our latest pickups as well as first looks and various other sneaker-related topics.

As you might have noticed by now, the different reminders and push notifications make sure that you will be informed about the most important events in time. Of course, we will make sure that you only get the most relevant news and that you are not flooded with pop-ups. There´s nothing more annoying on a smartphone than having an installed app that keeps making sudden noises and notifications. Alternatively, you can turn off all reminders too. But if you miss an important sneaker release, we have warned you beforehand. 😉

Classic E-Mail Newsletter

If you are still part of the old school faction and prefer to receive notifications via email, then our email newsletter is the most obvious choice for you. It provides you with the most important information about the upcoming sneaker releases in a more conventional way and keeps you constantly up-to-date. You can subscribe or unsubscribe at any time with just a few clicks.

Social Media Channels of Grailify

Our social media channels are also one of the most popular ways to get the most relevant news about sneaker releases, restocks and rumours on a daily basis.

Accordingly, we are available on the most popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. So you are completely free to decide, which channel to retrieve the latest information suits you best.

Regardless of your decision, you can follow us with just a few clicks and integrate our sneaker news into your personal feed. Since you spend a lot of time on social media platforms every day anyway, it´s quite useful to get the latest information about the most hyped sneakers there.

The Grailify YouTube Channel

Attentive readers may now have noticed that YouTube is actually one of the most popular social media platforms nowadays.

However, we use our channel less as a contact point for news, but rather for on-feet videos and unboxings. Often, the sneakers look a little different on the manufacturer´s product pictures and the colours usually seem to be a bit off.

That´s why we show you in our videos how the most hyped kicks look worn and in natural lighting. The more realistic staging has already made some shoe look completely different.

Also, let´s not forget the unboxings on our channel, where we unpack very popular sneakers and present them to you in great detail. So you can make sure before your next cop that the respective shoe is really something you would like to buy.