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On Your Mark, Get Set, Zoom!

If you search for the ultimate running shoe at Nike, you will probably find some results. Nike doesn’t just have one athletic shoe, but several sneakers that feature a responsive sole. In addition to the Air Max line, which is filled with countless AM sneakers and scores with comfortable cushioning, the Nike Zoom line also shines very well among sports fanatics.


What is Nike Zoom?

This question might be hard to answer, because you could definitely attribute many features to this technology. Nike Zoom is a cushioning system that comes straight from the Beaverton lab. Nike itself swears by speed, responsiveness, and control—elements that are no doubt essential to running. The athletes among us especially love and appreciate Nike's time-tested cushioning system.

Nike Zoom is made of a lightweight foam that uses compressed air and highly stretched fibers that absorb every step and impact and immediately contract to the original shape. It supports rapid changes in direction and stormy movements, which are better for the muscles, tendons, and joints. Stress and physical strain are also automatically reduced.

Nike Zoom Promotes Pronation

Agility and comfort—our feet would definitely rave about that if they could only talk. No matter if it's a simple walk, a quick jog or a sprint, the feet have to endure a lot. They naturally roll inwards and thus reduce the impact on the body. Nike has taken a closer look at this natural movement and thus finally released the Zoom cushioning. The sneakers with the comfortable cushioning reduce pronation while running and improve the feeling for the athlete.

ZoomX - Cushioning from Space Travel Development

But Nike would not simply be the big sports goods manufacturer that it already is, if it were to rest solely on its success. That's why the brand has refined the dynamic foam and released the improved ZoomX cushioning. It guarantees the best possible energy return, which releases the impact during sports.

The Beaverton-based brand has used the latest and most advanced technology to make the foam even lighter, softer and more responsive. Hardly any other Nike sneaker maximizes speed and agility like the Nike ZoomX. Sports enthusiasts can also take advantage of the first sneakers with the latest technology. The Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elite, Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4% and Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo already take pride in this innovative foam material.