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Nike React – The Best Cushioning System Ever?

Some people may think that demands are easy to implement, but unfortunately, the opposite is true. In fact, it’s quite difficult to combine several qualities and attributes in one material all at the same time, as those are usually mutually exclusive.


To understand the difficulty behind this task, you only have to think of your own pillow. The pillow is very soft and absorbs the entire weight of the head, thus guaranteeing a comfortable sleep. On the other hand, hard materials usually ensure that the energy is returned upon impact. This in turn creates a responsive walking sensation. Accordingly, it is basically so damn difficult to combine all those properties and not have to make some compromises. Nike now focuses on this problem area and has created probably one of the best solutions in the last years with the React technology.

Nike React - A Long Development Process to Success

In June 2017, the field of basketball became equipped with the innovative React technology for the very first time. The Nike React Hyperdunk 2017 Flyknit was the first to boast the new foam and directly inspired countless B-Ball players around the world. The React foam was perfect for sports that require lightning-fast speed as well as directional changes. It could very well satisfy these needs better than any other basketball shoe due to its combined properties. No other sneaker managed to be as soft, springy, and stable at the same time as the Nike React Hyperdunk 2017 Flyknit.

But, to achieve this breakthrough success, Nike's in-house chemists and engineers spent countless hours testing and combining the various ingredients in the foam. After more than 400 different combinations, and testing them using chemistry and a variety of scientific approaches, they finally found the perfect blend of ingredients for the unique Nike React Foam. Against all expectations, the conflicting attributes were combined into one material and then, the seemingly impossible was achieved. Following this groundbreaking, scientific success, they were then finally able to put the unique React foam through its paces and see if it would prove groundbreaking outside the lab. As a result, the special foam had to undergo more than 2,000 hours of testing on the feet of basketball players. During this time, the React Foam proved to be the most durable technology ever, and its overwhelming energy return during running was particularly impressive. No other Nike basketball shoe has ever done this before. With such a successful innovation, it didn't take long for the running community to demand the new React Foam in their beloved Nike running shoes, finally getting it in the form of numerous silhouettes.

In the basketball shoe sector, the composition of the foam was focused on increased durability and stability to provide players with high traction. Switching to the company's own running shoes, however, ultimately allowed the company to unlock the full potential of the Nike React Foam. Extensive testing in the Nike Sports Research Lab showed that the React Foam had a much more efficient energy return than its competitors. In direct comparison to its predecessor Lunarlon Foam, the React Foam has improved by 13% in terms of energy return. However, one should not forget that Lunarlon Foam sets the bar damn high when it comes to cushioning. Accordingly, an increase of 13% is more than remarkable. So it is safe to say that the React Foam has ushered in a new era and more than lives up to its expectations.

Nike React - Upgrade for Many Silhouettes

With such an innovative cushioning system, it's no wonder that Nike has already equipped several silhouettes with this unique material. Sneakers such as the Nike React Element 55 and the Nike React Element 87 have even been contenders for Sneaker of the Year. We're sure that the groundbreaking Nike React Foam has played a big part in this and we're expecting to see some more sexy colourways together with the unique cushioning system. To make sure you never miss the release of a Nike React sneaker again, make sure you download our free Grailify app. There, you can get all the important news, releases, and restocks directly to your mobile phone.