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Nike LeBron 17

Nike currently has some heavy sneakers in its assortment and expands the range almost daily with new collabs or colourways. But the sneaker community only starts to talk when a new silhouette appears. It is often about whether the silhouette could be the next hype sneaker or which collaborations and colours could be released soon.


A special series has been building up for quite some time now. LeBron James has been on Nike's contract list for a long time. The basketball player and the Beaverton-based brand have often sat at the same table and designed many famous sneakers that filled the shelves many years ago and even today.

LeBron James Becomes the Face of Advertising for Nike

It's hard to believe but true. Very few people know that the 2.06-meter tall basketball player LeBron James has been under contract with Nike for many years and has been for almost 20 years now. King James has been sponsored by Nike since 2003. After 12 years, the two partners agreed on a new contract, which probably no one would have expected. Nike wanted to sign the then 19-year-old basketball player for life. By then, several well-known brands had already done the same with other athletes. But for Nike it was only the first time and luckily, they decided to move fast. LeBron James is simply one of the greatest basketball players and is ranked 3rd in the list of the most successful NBA players by points.

The Signature Sneakers of King James

In the basketball community fans celebrate his fast, aggressive, and defensive play, while at the same time the sneaker community celebrates his signature sneakers. In September 2019, Nike and LeBron released the 17th sneaker from James. Along with that release the latest highlights of the sneaker were immediately published. The Nike LeBron 17 is characterized by several features:

  • The sneakers have the highest volume Max Air unit that a LeBron sneaker has to offer. Also in this silhouette, the big Air cushioning sits directly under the heel.
  • For LeBron one thing has to be safe! The jump is very important, but the landing is even more crucial. That's why there are two large Air Zoom pods under the forefoot. Not only does this make the impact safe, but it also allows for a quick change of direction.
  • The safe contact to the ground is guaranteed with these particular aspects. But what about the upper? For that, Nike uses a lightweight Flyknit material that we already know from Battleknit 2.0. A thermoformed yarn supports the hardest gameplay and can also resist strong stretching.