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Nike LeBron – The Signature Sneakers from LeBron James

For many years, a special line from Nike has filled our shoe shelves. We’re talking about the Nike LeBron line, which now includes the 17th edition of LeBron James. In the many iterations that Beaverton has already delivered to us, the needs of the professional basketball player for propulsion and protection are met above all.

LeBron James is characterized by his first-class and dynamic playing style—just like his very own line. Two elements are crucial for the NBA star: the takeoff and the soft landing must always be guaranteed. Only in this way can King James keep his energy.


That's why Nike has been working on the optimal cushioning since day 1 to ensure safe playing on the court. The revolutionary innovation Nike Air is thus also characterized by two strong developments: Max and Zoom. Through these two developments, the required goals of James are achieved and the playing style is supported by many other athletes.

The Formidable Generation of Nike LeBron

Since September 26, 2019, we have been proud to welcome LeBron's 17th signature sneakers. But before that, there were 16 other models, which were meant to present themselves as innovative pieces. We took a closer look at each of LeBron James' sneakers just for you and researched the features that make them so unique.

Nike Lebron 1

Nike Air Zoom LeBron 1

The very first Nike LeBron silhouette immediately showed full commitment. An Air Zoom unit in the forefoot and the comfortable Nike Air cushioning in the heel comprised the basic structure of the Nike Air Zoom LeBron 1.

Nike Air Zoom LeBron 2

More, more, more! The second sneaker from King James directly maximized the developments of Nike. A comfortable and voluminous Zoom Air unit supported the responsive gaming style. Here, Nike doubled the cushioning in the front and back area.

Nike Air Zoom LeBron 3

More cushioning also means more weight. A comfortable sneaker does not only consist of an optimum cushioning but also its low weight. That is why the Beaverton-based brand has significantly reduced the weight of the double Air Zoom unit in the third sneaker.

Nike Air Zoom LeBron 4

With the Air Zoom LeBron 4, Nike looks back and removes the double units in the sole. This is done with a full-length Air Zoom element that shares its space with a carbon shaft. Nike took into account the propulsion and made a faster playing style possible. In addition, stability was not neglected, as the sturdy foam composite construction compensated for the characteristics.

Nike Air Zoom LeBron 5

Time for a refreshment! The 5th signature sneaker kept its Air Zoom unit in full length. The upper however, was updated and got a phyposite endoskeleton.

Nike Air Zoom LeBron 6

The comfortable full-length cushioning seems to have established itself, as the 6th LeBron sneaker was also able to keep the element. In addition, Nike again added a double insole in the heel. This has allowed the brand to increase responsiveness yet again and maximize lateral and quick movements.

Nike Air Max LeBron 7

A milestone was reached. From the name alone, you can already tell that this sneaker is a distinctive Air Max. It features a whole new cushioning for the LeBron series. Nike installs a full-length Air Max unit that is fully focused on ball sports thanks to its slight downward incline.

Nike LeBron 8

The sole and its cushioning seem to be just perfect. The same element supports the playability, while an improved upper increases the wearing comfort.

Nike LeBron 9

Could the Nike LeBron 9 be responsible for the first title run? Maybe! Here, the visible Max Air unit in the heel and the flat Air Zoom unit in the front gave the King a better feel.

Nike LeBron 10

Nike continued to study the playing style of LeBron James. His unique back-to-back run must be supported by the sneakers. Therefore, the team developed an innovative Max Air unit combined with Air Zoom. This protected the impact and made responsive movements possible.

Nike LeBron 11

Nike again installs a full-length Air Zoom unit, which should show indestructible strength, especially due to the new design. The low profile and formability are essential parts of the Nike LeBron 11.

Nike LeBron 12

The Nike LeBron 12 is the first sneaker to be equipped with individual Air Zoom pods. Nike looks to the natural movement of King James to provide responsive cushioning. Each pod has been carefully selected and placed to provide optimal energy return.

Nike LeBron 13

The new cushioning system has definitely proven itself on the court. Now, Nike looks at the other key points and optimizes them further. It's clear that the material plays an important role. The 13th signature sneaker comes with a much lighter upper due to the low material consumption.

Nike LeBron 14

The last two signature sneakers have a total of five Air Zoom pods each. The LeBron 14, on the other hand, reduced the weight by one pod and instead enlarged the pod in the heel.

Nike LeBron 15

King James likes the Air Zoom unit in full length. That's why Nike reworked the comfortable element and improved it in the 15th Nike LeBron sneaker. With narrow gaps between the individual inserts in the sole, Nike ensures the natural movement of the foot and creates a safe ride from the air to the ground.

Nike LeBron 16

The same cushioning system meets the Nike LeBron 16th. Nike exposes the cushioning and shows the high strength, stability and optimum impact protection of the sneaker.

Nike LeBron 17

With the 17th signature sneaker, you would think that Nike simply combines elements from the previous sneakers. Two individual Air Zoom pods in the front foot support the start of the sprint and the jump, while the new Air Max unit in the back takes care of the rest.