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Nike Kyrie – The Signature Line of Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Andrew Irving is a legend and has been playing in the NBA for many years. His career started back in 2011 with the Cleveland Cavaliers where he spent six years. In 2017, he moved to the Boston Celtics and in 2019, to the Brooklyn Nets.


But we don't just follow his steep career, but also his own signature line at Nike.

A long time ago, the star joined the elite class of basketball players and was signed by Nike shortly afterwards. Now the 1.88m-tall basketball player and his shoes are in the Hall of Fame alongside sneakers by Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Michael Jordan.

Which Nike Kyrie sneakers exist?

In the past years, Nike has already developed and released six sneakers. We have arrived at the Nike Kyrie 6 and have also seen numerous colourways from each line. But we hope to see many more new models of the Nike Kyrie in the future.

However, we currently have the following sneakers from Kyrie Irving:

Nike Kyrie 1

With this line, Nike has a story for every silhouette. The Nike Kyrie 1 combines advanced traction, targeted support and feather-light cushioning. These key elements give you that fast style of play and make deceptive offensive moves possible.

But the Kyrie 1 also features an outstanding design. Three layers of material allow a smooth transition and are responsible for breathability, durability and stability.

Nike Kyrie 2

More speed! You certainly won't get to hear that when you put on the Nike Kyrie 2. Kyrie convinces fans with his fast moves and tricks. The basketball player draws high speed from his sneakers.

Nike has optimized the cushioning in his shoe with a much lighter weight. The brand has also rounded off the sole, so that nothing stands in the way of the overall foot movement. The developers also added the well-known strap, which is still an important feature of the Kyrie sneakers today. The 2nd signature sneaker has a strap that attaches to the heel. This gives better stability in the heel area.

Nike Kyrie 3

With every new sneaker, Nike always outdoes itself. The Nike Kyrie 3 is the improved version of its predecessor. The point guard relies on a quick change of direction and needs a sneaker that provides support in every situation.

Further down, the shoe features optimal and responsive cushioning. With every step, the individual suspension cushions absorb the energy and return it with a strong feel from every angle. Add to that is Nike's solid Flywire fibers in the front. The material supports the hold in the forefoot and gives a customized fit.

Nike Kyrie 4

It would be such a pity if Nike prematurely stopped with these developments. If that were the case, then we would never have seen the Nike Kyrie 4. The newly developed outsole with flex grooves is flexible and improves traction. But it wouldn't be a Kyrie sneaker if the increased weight was recognizable. That's why Nike integrated the lightweight foam Nike Zoom Air right into the heel. You will most certainly love the lightweight feel. 

Nike Kyrie 5

Turbo thrusters. Multidirectional responsiveness. Stability. With these key characteristics in the shoe, you simply can't stop anyone. We've seen Kyrie's quick directional changes and explosive gameplay. Nike took these aspects into account and has further developed the 5th signature sneaker.

The new Nike Air Zoom Turbo Cushioning gives you a massive energy return and supports the player's individual style. Other strong materials include the special and breathable mesh. The shoe is quite flexible and supports the foot at the same time.

Nike Kyrie 6

We are writing this update in April 2020 and the Nike Kyrie 6 is the latest addition so far. With the adapted form and the new building blocks, it has directly made a name for itself in the sneaker game. Nike keeps the Nike Air Zoom Turbo cushioning in the forefoot for all-around comfort when you're pushing off the ground.

Beaverton has also further rounded off the lateral soles that support side-to-side movement. The designed tread pattern on the outsole gives you a secure grip on the court and a whole new design. But the real Kyrie feeling comes from the strap that has been reinstalled. The optimal hold and the outstanding stability round off the entire sneaker in almost every position.

Will there be more Nike Kyrie sneakers in the future?

When you consider that basketball players like Michael Jordan have already arrived at the 34th, or LeBron James at his 17th signature sneaker, you might rightfully think that there is still some room for further versions. Even if you shouldn't compare MJ or King James directly, we know that Nike certainly has some aces up its sleeve and could very well expand the Kyrie series in the future.