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Nike Air Max Plus TN SE

As a successor to the Nike AM Plus, the Nike Air Max Plus TN SE has similar design accents as its predecessors. The model is characterised by its eye-catching and trendy colours.


This sneaker also comes with the best features. Optimum comfort and enough stability for the foot should not be missing. These are the most famous trademarks of Nike Air Max sneakers. The price of the Nike AM Plus TN SE might put some people off, though. But considering the style, the good support of the foot, it is still worth buying a pair.


As mentioned above, the Nike AM Plus TN SE is similar to the original Air Max Plus and other models like the Air Max Plus TN Ultra.

The first version features a ribbed cage on the upper and a bulky midsole. This gives it a modern and sporty silhouette. The sneaker is offered in numerous colourways. Sneakerheads will definitely appreciate the eye-catching design.

Nike Air Max Plus TN SE Spray Paint

This sneaker also has a ribbed cage on the upper. The shape and midsole design are the same as the original Nike AM Plus TN SE. However, the shoe stands out with a spray-paint effect on the upper. You will find many ways to integrate it into different looks because of its stylish look.


The low-top Nike Air Max Plus TN SE is available in men's and women's sizes. Depending on the colour, this sneaker has either a textile fabric, suede, or leather upper. These materials allow for sufficient ventilation and flexibility. Some have suggested, however, that the sneaker needs some break-in time as it can feel stiff during the first few days.


Nike Air Max Plus TN SE has remarkable shock absorption in the forefoot and heel. This is made possible by the visible Air units. At the heel is Tuned Air technology, which provides stability. A dynamic pattern on the outsole gives optimal grip. The ribbed synthetic frame provides additional support and protection.


In 2018, Nike released a modern version of the AM Plus called the Nike Air Max Plus TN SE. The classic design is made for both men and women and combined with the latest sneaker innovations. In 2019, the second release of the sneaker took place. This model is more similar to the 98s with their spray-paint effects.

The First Air Max Plus

When Nike introduced the AM Plus in the late '90s, it became an instant classic. With its futuristic design, many sneaker enthusiasts fell in love with it. For some time, the Air Max Plus competed with the Air Max '97 for popularity.

The Nike Air Max Plus was originally called the Nike TN or Tuned 1 and thrilled fans with the Hyperblue, Grey Shark, and Orange Tiger colourways. These colourways later became a staple in newly released versions of the sneaker.

In the '90s, tech-inspired designs were a common theme due to the anticipation of the 21st century. The release of the Air Max Plus was right on target, as the AM95 had already wowed people with its construction. The unique cage overlay on the sides and its full-length Air cushioning on the midsole are the main design features of the Air Max 95.

However, the one feature that has ultimately created the hype around the AM Plus is the colour styling. The colour gradient has a fading effect at the top, which looks like it was spray-painted.

Behind the Concept

Sean McDowell, an experienced shoe designer, came up with the original concept for the Air Max Plus. He wanted to create a better support for the foot than the usual Nike Air cushioning. McDowell combined the Air unit with the Tuned Air system, resulting in excellent impact protection for the foot. It also has a synthetic toe cap that provides additional toe protection.

The ribbed cage and a flat lacing are the main reasons for the dynamic look. All these design accents are the result of McDowell's holiday trip to Florida, reinterpreting the picturesque sunset horizon with palm trees in the background.

In 1997, McDowell was commissioned to work with one of Nike's largest retailers, Footlocker. His purpose was to produce a shoe with the then brand-new cushioning technology Tuned Air or "Sky Air". McDowell used the various sunsets he experienced in Florida as inspiration for the initial design concept. This was evident in the colour gradient in the upper section and the cage.

Another distinctive design detail of the Air Max Plus is the upper that covers the bottom of the sole to the midsole. It also has a long and more clearly defined Swoosh logo that adds to the uniqueness of this Nike shoe.

A New Kind of Cushioning

The Tune Air cushioning technology, which is the main reason for the alternative name Nike TN, is different from the traditional Air unit. The Nike Air cushioning units consisted of moulded material filled with gas.

Sometime in 1995, Nike began designing a new membrane-like material into its Air units. This improved the cushioning quality and increased comfort. This cushioning system refined the already reliable Nike Air with its specially designed, tuned pods. The result of this change was an innovative impact protection of superb quality.

Opinions on the Internet

Millennials and Generation Z buyers describe the colours of these vintage '90s runners as fresh and stylish.

Some wearers appreciate the choice of materials. The Nike AM Plus TN SE's cushioning in the heel and forefoot is praised by the majority of users. This provides running comfort for several hours. The traction on various surfaces has been confirmed by the users. Ankle support is among the most mentioned aspects. The breathable textile upper is a nice feature. Many sneakerheads are also very enthusiastic about the classic design elements.


If you don't want to miss out on a sneaker with the style from the '90s, you should reach for this classic! The Nike Air Max Plus TN SE has proven itself incredibly well in comfort and stability and definitely belongs in every decent sneaker collection.