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Nike Air Max 270 – Airy Running Feeling and Fresh Design

The Air Max models from Nike are among the most famous shoes in the sneaker world. The first models came to the public in the ’70s, and people all over the world learned to love them. An important aspect of the Air Max was the recurring focus on athletes and sportsmen who regularly motivated their bodies to reach peak performance. Accordingly, the brand designed a shoe with a very special ulterior motive with the Swoosh.


The model supports these top athletes on their way to the best possible performance and at the same time provides them with a pleasant wearing comfort. Many shoe manufacturers had dared to tackle this difficult task before, but Nike achieved a revolution in the running shoe segment with the Air Max. Its unique Air cushion impressed countless athletes around the world and helped them achieve the top performances they needed. At the same time, they established a new franchise that not only attracted athletes, but also made the shoe become a true trend that has lasted for half an eternity. Sneakerheads around the globe know and love the Air Max.

Now, countless years later, the Nike Air Max 270 wants to continue this success with its new and unique silhouette. We don't know about you, but in our opinion, Nike has brought a true masterpiece to 2018. The Nike Air Max 270 stands out with its wedge-shaped design and the eponymous 270° Air unit at the heel of the shoe. The brand with the Swoosh is known for implementing extraordinary recognition features in each of its models, but this time, they have truly outdone themselves. Those who have been reading very carefully and are familiar with the company's products in general should have noticed that Nike always designs the Air Max models with a sporty background. But all that has changed, this time with the new Nike Air Max 270. The shoe has been designed and produced exclusively for the lifestyle segment, and is thus the first Nike Air with the sole focus on this segment. But all this does not detract from the unique design of the shoe. On the contrary, Nike was able to create the perfect everyday companion in the life of every sneakerhead and fully concentrate on a fresh design. So, we can be sure to expect a lot of chic colourways. In order not to miss any important releases regarding the Nike Air Max 270, you should download our free Grailify app.

Nike Air Max 270 - Inspiration from the Past

Interestingly, the brand with the Swoosh simultaneously uses two models from the recent past. The Nike Air Max 270 was inspired by its older siblings: the Nike Air Max 93 and the Nike Air Max 180. The parallels between the shoes are clearly recognisable, and we like this mix without a doubt. The new silhouette definitely has the potential to emulate the previous successes of its siblings. By the way, these are getting a revival in 2018 and will most likely benefit from the hype of the Nike Air Max 270.

As we already mentioned, the Nike Air Max models have always had a certain focus on athletes and especially runners. Nike is putting an end to this, at least for the time being, with the Nike Air Max 270. However, if you take a look at the sole of the latest model, you will immediately notice the immensely large Air cushioning chamber. In fact, it is the largest one ever to be built into an Air Max. With around 32mm at the heel of the shoe, the Air Bubble surpasses all other models of the brand. Accordingly, the shoe benefits from even better comfort, and you will literally feel like walking on clouds. However, we now have a more or less relevant question: Why does Nike use the most colossal of all cushioning chambers in the Nike Air Max 270, the shoe with the focus on lifestyle and streetwear? The answer is actually relatively simple. Nike expresses that not only athletes are relevant for them, but that the sneaker scene plays an important role for the brand. It is precisely the sneaker scene that has helped the Nike Air Max achieve its current greatness. It's a truly nice gift that reflects the brand's long journey!

Nike Air Max 270 - A Huge Variety of Colourways!

The best thing about the newest model in the Air Max range is the wide variety of colourways that will be available shortly after the launch. So, you can look forward to a wide range of colours and designs that should have something for every fan. From simple with the Nike Air Max 270 White Volt to gaudy with the Nike Air Max 270 Ultramarine, they're all here!