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The Air Jordan 9

The Air Jordan 9 was designed by Tinker Hatfield and released in 1993-94. The Air Jordan 9 was the first model to be released after Michael Jordan retired from professional basketball. The Air Jordan 9 was the only sneaker in the Jordan range that received undivided attention from MJ.


With the Air Jordan 9, Tinker was really influenced by Japanese design. There are many features on the sneaker that are rather unfamiliar to many, but come from Japanese culture. 

"The Air Jordan 9 represented the globalisation of the Air Jordan brand name. Everyone in the world wanted to be like Mike. Take a look at the soles of the shoes, we designed the different languages around the world that describe the sports spirit of Michael Jordan and what he did for the world of sports," says Tinker Hatfield. 

The Air Jordan 9 was originally released in four different colourways, with a "non-traditional" and an olive colourway coming much later. In 2002, the Air Jordan Retro was released for one year. This was then followed by another Retro in 2008, packaged in a "Countdown Pack". Later, more and more Air Jordan 9 retros were released, and today, the model is still one of the most popular sneakers in the Air Jordan range.

Style of the Sneaker

So, the outsole on the Air Jordan 9 has beautiful symbols and inscriptions in other languages like Japanese, Chinese and more. 

On the Left Sneaker: 

  • Uhuru (Swahili) - "Independence"
  • Cвобода (Russian) - "Freedom"
  • Cпорт (Russian) - "Sport"
  • Athletisch (German) - "Athletic"
  • Muundaji (Swahili) - "Hope"

On the Right Sneaker:

  • Intenso (Italian) - "Intense"
  • Liberté (French) - "Freedom"
  • Anmutig (German) - "Graceful"
  • Fuerza (Spanish) - "Force"
  • Dédié (French) - "Dedicated"

The number 23 was embroidered on the heels. However, this was not done on all copies, as there were other Air Jordan 9's on which the player's individual number was printed. Of course, the Jumpman logo, which could also be admired on the heels, was not to be missed. 

Just like the previous models, the Air Jordan 9 also came with a sewn-in neoprene sock to ensure maximum comfort.

Opinions on the Internet

So, the Air Jordan 9 is definitely one of the best Air Jordans ever. If you need a perfect match or just want to have the sneaker for your daily wear, you will not just be stylish on the go, but also get the performance that a good shoe has to offer. The retro models of the AJ9 are also always extremely cool and come in bold colourways.

Conclusion on the Air Jordan 9

The Air Jordan 9 was not only designed by Tinker Hatfield, but also received the full attention of Michael Jordan. It goes without saying that this can only result in a really sick sneaker. The Air Jordan embodies everything you need on the court or on the street. It keeps the foot stable, is comfortable, and offers absolute traction. This sneaker definitely belongs in your sneaker collection.