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Nike Air Force 1 High – The High-Flyer Among Sneakers

Today, we present a shoe that has already made it very far in the sneaker scene. It is available in countless variations and colourways, and it really has something to suit every taste. We’re talking about the legendary Nike Air Force 1, more precisely, the high model of the absolute high-flyer.


There has rarely ever been a shoe that triggers emotions and memories in so many people. This is mainly due to the fact that this masterpiece has been part of the sneaker game for more than 35 years now. The nice thing about it is that the brand with the Swoosh doesn't even consider getting rid of this successful model. On the contrary, they continue to produce many great designs that cover a wide range of tastes. To stay up to date and not miss any more great releases of this sweetie, you should definitely download our free Grailify app!

Nike Air Force 1 High - Great Comfort and Tall Silhouette

The year 1982 is considered to be very special when placed in the context of Nike. At that time, a man named Bruce Kilgore created an absolute icon of the shoe world. The management team of the famous label hoped that this person would revolutionise basketball shoes, but nobody could have predicted how much more this unique sneaker would become. Nowadays, almost everyone knows the unique silhouette of the Nike Air Force 1, and its applications go far beyond its original purpose. So, Kilgore developed the shoe with a special focus on the needs of the basketball community. The goal was to design a sneaker that would offer excellent stability while remaining comfortable. The previously unknown Air Sole was, of course, able to provide the necessary support. Therefore, a soft running feeling and the corresponding support of the joints were naturally ensured. Jumping in basketball in particular requires a shoe that offers the necessary support and thus keeps the risk of injury to a minimum. And, the Nike Air Force 1 High can offer a much better support due to its raised shape.

Some of you may have noticed that this approach is quite pragmatic and does not have much in common with today's sneaker icon. But after the first releases of the Nike Air Force 1 and therefore also the High model, the shoe remarkably went through the roof. Although the sneaker was originally designed for basketball players, it didn't stick with that target group for long. Shoe fanatics all over the world recognized its streetwear potential, and so it established itself on the street. If you know a little bit about Nike, you will know that a very special pattern always repeats itself. A shoe is developed for a specific sport, but in the end, it inspires as many sneakerheads as athletes. The guys from Nike seem to be real masters in generating hypes.

Nike Air Force 1 High - The Hottest Releases of the Legend

As usual, we would like to finish off by presenting the heaviest releases of this giant. Nike already offers about 2000 models of the AF1, and it's definitely hard to keep track of them all.

  • This very special collab was introduced at the Complex Con in 2017 and has immediately attracted a lot of attention. The Just Don x Nike Air Force 1 High stands out because of its very discreet and clean design, as the upper material is completely wrapped in white. Its small accents make it a perfect choice for minimalists in particular. The Swoosh and the strap are equipped with a snakeskin cover. Additionally, small details like the eyelets are coloured in an elegant gold. The inner lining of the sneaker, on the other hand, impresses with its beige colour. This colourway is simply for all lovers of a simple and discreet look!
  • There probably won’t be a better colourway for the autumn season for this model. The Nike Air Force 1 High 07 Flax has made it to the sneaker shelves over and over again in the past years, and this time, nothing seems about to change. It even comes with the absolutely identical style code and therefore hasn't changed that much. But that's really no longer necessary, because this colourway can still be combined with all kinds of autumn outfits. We personally like the combination of gumsole and the unique, flax-coloured upper very much. Most of all, we are especially thrilled because of the high shape of the sneaker that rounds off this masterpiece quite perfectly.