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The Air Jordan 10 – A Sneaker, a Comeback!

The Air Jordan 10 was designed and brought to life by Tinker Hatfield. The idea and the design came when Michael Jordan was not in the game. That alone makes the Air Jordan 10 so famous. With its clean lines and side stripes on the soles, the 10th milestone underlines Michael Jordan’s brand.


History of the Air Jordan 10

In 1993, Michael Jordan surprisingly announced the end of his career. Many years before that, Michael promised his son and his father he would become a professional baseball player. After his basketball career, he also played successfully for the Birmingham Barons, a minor league baseball team of the Chicago White Sox.

Two years later, there was a big players' strike in the MLB. Michael Jordan then returned to play with the Chicago Bulls in 1995. After the whole thing became public, he announced, "I'm back" in an interview. However, Michael Jordan could not completely let go of the baseball league and played with the jersey number 45, the number he had worn during his baseball career.

The Air Jordan 10 Becomes Famous

This story also shaped the Air Jordan 10. The professional basketball player had his first game in the new Jordan. The OG colourway of the Air Jordan 10 was White/Black/Light Steel Grey.

MJ won his first comeback game with the Air Jordan 10 on March 18th, 1995 with 55 points. Shortly after the comeback, Michael Jordan put his number 23 back on as some fans became superstitious and felt that the performances were not what they used to be.