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adidas ZX 8000 – A Sneaker from 1989

At adidas, many sneakers are currently filling the range and the selection seems to be growing almost daily. The Herzogenaurach-based brand is focusing on both new and futuristic silhouettes as well as some old favourites. The adidas ZX 8000 in particular seems to be making a big splash in 2020.


In the first quarter of 2020, the Three Stripes brand delivered several colourways, revitalising the old archive with refreshing colours and iterations. What many do not know is that the sneaker in fact comes from the late '80s and is part of a three-piece family. In 1989, adidas released the adidas ZX 7000, the ZX 8000 and the ZX 9000. Each one was released with well thought-out elements. The 7000 had a superior style, while the 9000 was more about stability and the 8000 was more about cushioning.

The Many Facets of the adidas ZX 8000

The old classic was already a popular shoe at that time and is still a popular sneaker today. The up-and-coming retro trend makes the adidas ZX 8000 a much sought-after piece. The oldie style and light materials always take us back to the good old days. But the legendary sneaker actually has many more faces.

At the end of March, adidas released an ingenious pack of two ZX 8000s, which reminds us of the Fall of the Wall in 1989. The Cherry Blossom Avenue Pack was launched by adidas at the end of March, drawing inspiration from Japan. After the great Fall of the Wall, Japan launched a great campaign. The country planted 9000 cherry trees in Berlin to celebrate the unification of Germany. For us, this is an incredible homage to the friendship between Japan and Germany.

What Can We Expect from the adidas ZX 8000 in 2020?

The retro trend will still be celebrated in 2020 and probably continue for a long time to come. adidas has a perfect candidate in this old contemporary that is perfectly suited for this time. Besides some new interpretations, like the adidas ZX 8000 "Suede Black", there are also some old colourways that have reached the sneaker market.

The adidas ZX 8000 "Aqua" just got a re-release in 2020. But this time, adidas uses the comfortable Boost sole. Therefore, one could assume that adidas will be using this comfortable cushioning in the next models as well.