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adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged – More Than Just a Bit of Styrofoam!

Unrivalled comfort and a super chic design — these are the first buzzwords that come up among sneakerheads when the word Ultra Boost is mentioned. Now available in all kinds of variations, the adidas Ultraboost has something to offer for everyone. No matter which colourway you prefer and which variant appeals to you the most, there is something for everyone. adidas owes this immense popularity not only to the shoe’s damn chic design, but also to the unique technologies that go into every Ultraboost model. Primeknit and the brilliant Boost midsole, among other things, make the adidas Ultraboost Uncaged an unforgettable wearing experience.


adidas Ultraboost Uncaged - Airy and Comfortable

A running shoe for performance or rather a sneaker for everyday use? Some of you may think that this is a difficult decision that comes with various compromises. Whether you need to perform at your best or just want to take a relaxed walk, you don't have to confront such difficult decisions with the adidas Ultraboost Uncaged. Yes, you heard me right! A shoe that can offer you both is anything but unrealistic these days.

Let's start with the Primeknit technology. As the name suggests, the upper of the adidas Ultraboost Uncaged uses knitted fabric. This not only looks cool in terms of structure, but also allows for a unique wearing experience. Many describe it as "like putting on a sock". And that's exactly how the shoe feels the first time. Primeknit saves a lot of weight, which is also noticeable when wearing the shoe. The model is extremely light and almost seems to melt into the foot. Thanks to the seamless upper material, the Ultraboost fits perfectly to the wearer without feeling constricting. One might assume that the necessary stability of the ankle is lost in the process. However, we can reassure you, the Primeknit material is reinforced from the inside and can therefore continue to give you the essential support. Now, of course, we must not forget the small but fine word "uncaged" in the equation. The adidas Ultraboost Uncaged stands out from the other models in that it allows even more air to reach your feet. Where the typical Three Stripes are displayed as standard, adidas places the air holes in the Uncaged. So, in addition to the air-permeable Primeknit, there are separate air vents that should help even the sweatiest feet. ;)

However, the biggest fascination is the Boost midsole, as this is made of a completely new foam material. It was developed together with a large chemical company and provides unprecedented cushioning for every step. As if that were too boring, thousands of small capsules have been integrated into the sole. These absorb your energy and return it to you. This is supposed to give you a reactive running experience that remains consistent on any surface. If you want, you can even run in the deepest Siberia with the shoes, as this reactivity is not lost even in extreme temperatures.

Think that's it for the cool features of the adidas Ultraboost Uncaged? Well, you're damn wrong! The shoe has been specially equipped with the premium Continental rubber on the outsole so that you get perfect traction on any surface. This means that you continue to feel a pleasant running experience and no energy is lost. Furthermore, the so-called Stretchweb system is integrated into the rubber to imitate a natural rolling motion. You might think that the list of features will soon come to an end. But adidas comes up trumps with two more advantages. To reduce pressure on the Achilles heel and thus avoid unnecessary pain, the shoe has a heel counter on the underside. The so-called Fitcounter thus tries to avoid any overloading. The unique TORSION system also ensures a positive running experience. It reacts individually to the stressed regions of the shoe and ensures that they remain flexible. This ensures a natural movement and the adidas Ultraboost Uncaged always remains comfortable.

Have you ever seen a shoe with so much technology? We certainly haven't. To make sure you don't miss any more releases of this model, download our free Grailify app. Then you can be sure that you will continue to be kept up to date on such technical wonders.