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Buy a pair of adidas Ultra Boost and get streetwear sneakers that also perform as running shoes. With most sneakers, you have to decide before you buy: Do you want sneakers for everyday wear or a real running shoe for sports? With the adidas Ultra Boost, you can elegantly avoid this decision. Because with these shoes, you perform just as well on the running track as in everyday life. Even when going out to clubs, bars, or just strolling around, this sneaker is a shoe that will take you comfortably wherever you want to go. The Ultra Boost guarantees fatigue-free running, but is also ideal for all those who have to walk and stand a lot in everyday life. This is made possible by several sophisticated and perfectly coordinated technologies that represent the current non plus ultra in the sneaker sector.

With the adidas Ultra Boost, You Are Buying Sneaker Technology at Its Best!

The concept of the adidas Ultra Boost shoes can be reduced to a simple formula: Everything is comfortable, but the main thing is light! This lightness does not only refer to the weight of the sneakers, but above all, to the running experience they offer you. Curiously enough, you can instantly feel this as soon as you slip into the shoes. The seamless Primeknit upper hugs your feet as if it had been waiting for them all along. But the Primeknit also achieves another goal: Although it hugs your feet comfortably, it also gives you firm support because the material is reinforced from the inside.

But the lightweight running feel you automatically get with every adidas Ultra Boost is also thanks to the wonderful invention of the Boost™ midsole. This is a completely new foam material that adidas developed together with BASF. The material cushions your every step. But so that it doesn't feel like you're sinking into sand, thousands of small capsules catch your energy and give it right back to you with the next step. This responsiveness is independent of the surface and works just as well in high as in low temperatures.

The sole of the sneaker is also technically thought out down to the last detail — and another reason to buy the adidas Ultra Boost. The outsole made of Continental™ rubber offers perfect grip on dry and wet surfaces, so you don't waste any energy. A special heel cap (FITCOUNTER) also reduces pressure on the Achilles heel with every step and thus prevents the dreaded arch tendon pain caused by overloading or incorrect loading. At the same time, the STRETCHWEB content in the rubber ensures a natural rolling motion, which is further promoted by the TORSION® system built into the sole.

This system allows the adidas ultra Boost to react flexibly to the area under stress. The shoe "knows" at all times whether the forefoot, midfoot, or heel are being stressed and keeps the areas that are not being stressed flexible, thus allowing the foot to move naturally.

Overview of the Sneaker Technology You Buy with the adidas Ultra Boost

  • Responsive Boost™ cushioning that gives you back the energy you put into your stride
  • Seamless Primeknit upper for a sock-like and super lightweight feel
  • Continental™ rubber outsole for firm grip on all surfaces
  • TORSION® system and STRETCHWEB outsole for natural foot movement
  • You can already buy adidas Ultra Boost in many different styles and models.

adidas never rests on its laurels. That's why you can already buy the adidas Ultra Boost in every conceivable colour, design, and colourway. Of course, there are also numerous collabs and variations of the original adidas Ultra Boost model. In 2016, for example, the Uncaged model was released. The Uncaged was inspired by several custom Ultra Boosts from sneakerheads. On, you can find all current and future adidas Ultra Boost models. So, it will be worthwhile for you to come back here every now and then.

The adidas Ultra Boost provides unbeatable comfort with its sock-like Primeknit upper and energy-returning Boost midsole. Hardly any other brand can hold a candle to it in terms of comfort. Of course, there are also numerous collabs and variations of the original adidas Ultra Boost model. For example, the Uncaged model was released during the year. The Uncaged was inspired by several custom Ultra Boost sneakerheads.

The adidas Ultra Boost 19

By now, it's 2019, and adidas has even unveiled the first-ever adidas Ultra Boost 19 in December 2018–an updated version of the performance runner that was created together with thousands of runners around the world. In doing so, adidas listened to customer feedback and we see the result in the form of the Ultra Boost 19. These are the highlights of the new adidas Ultra Boost 19:

  • Even more BOOST! Yes, there is 20% more Boost in the midsole of this Ultra Boost compared to the very first Ultra Boost.
  • An improved "Torsion Spring", which ensures that the rolling motion is carried out better and at the same time, you come forward even more "explosively".
  • 360° Primeknit. Yup, the upper goes all the way around the foot.

Here, you can find all current and future adidas Ultra Boost models to keep you up to date.