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adidas Ultra Boost Caged – Boost and Cage?

adidas has chosen this combination quite perfectly. Most people already know that the adidas Ultra Boost is one of the most comfortable sneakers Herzogenaurach has ever designed. Hardly any other silhouette is as well-constructed in terms of the sole and upper material as the slim and dynamic Ultra Boost from adidas.


The light Primeknit upper just feels great and fits every foot perfectly without losing grip. Add to that the responsive Boost sole and you have the perfect sneaker. What else could be missing in such a shoe? It could very well be as simple as adding more updates that will even make the silhouette the ultimate sneaker.

Why Does the adidas Ultra Boost Need a Cage?

With adidas, you can choose between two special types of Ultra Boost: an adidas Ultra Boost with a cage or without one. But why would adidas add this feature at all? There is a clear answer to that. Sure, the Ultra Boost has more weight, but with the cage, you can also increase the grip in the shoe. Sports enthusiasts in particular should benefit from this distinct element. A quick change of direction and improved control are certainly the be-all and end-all in sports.

If you want to change quickly from left to right, you'll be thrown out of the shoe quickly. This is especially true with the light Primeknit upper wherein you tend to quickly step off the sole. But with the cage, you can always stand firmly and feel more secure.

adidas Ultra Boost - With or Without a Cage?

Meanwhile, the cage around the midfoot has become a tried-and-tested design element. Even the new adidas Ultra Boost 20 is equipped with this particular feature. So which sneaker should you reach for?

If you want a firm and secure grip, you should definitely reach for the Ultra Boost with the cage. Therefore, you get a much higher-quality wearing comfort and improved stability.

The models without the cage appear much slimmer, more dynamic, and often cleaner than the other silhouettes. Thus they appear to be the more stylish variants.