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The adidas Crazy BYW

The adidas Crazy BYW belongs to a well-known sports and lifestyle sneaker that is definitely a real eye-catcher with its bizarre look and stands for comfort, durability, and style.

Back in 1996, adidas introduced the Feet You Wear (FYW) technology to the market. This technology made the sneaker more flexible, stable, and best suited for lateral movements. In 2018, the Crazy Boost You Wear (BYW) technology was developed, which, inspired by the FYW, even topped it.

With vintage vibes, the various basketball elements of the '90s were combined, and new distinctive sneakers were developed with Boost soles. And right at the forefront is the adidas Crazy BYW. Well, have we made you curious enough?

Material and Style of the Sneaker

With a bold and exaggerated look, the eye-catching mid-top adidas Crazy BYW will always catch everyone's eye. That's for sure. So, if you want to stand out and shine, you should wear this sneaker on your foot.

The shoe is fashionable and futuristic and at the same time embodies a technology that every basketball sneaker should have. With the wave-shaped "Boost You Wear" midsole, the sneaker provides '90s athletics elements.

What clearly has to be highlighted is the lacing system, which stands for the basketball roots and ensures perfect entry and exit. The adidas Crazy BYW is perfect for the court, but can also be worn in everyday life with simple jeans and a white t-shirt. But if you want to be totally crazy, you can really let loose here with different cool outfits. 

Opinions on the Internet

Almost all users agree that the adidas Crazy BYW is an ultimate comfortable mid-top sneaker that is flexible yet stable. The look is also a plus point for the sneaker. So, if you like an eye-catching design and want to score points with your shoes, you should take a closer look at the adidas Crazy BYW.

Everyone who wears the shoe would also recommend it to friends and acquaintances, because the breathability and performance are simply spot on. The high-quality materials are well made and deliver the results you would hope for from such sneakers.

The fit is also relatively precise. You can choose your normal adidas size and the sneaker should fit perfectly. Thanks to the unique lacing system, you also have a perfect fit and the sneaker feels snug around your foot. The mesh collar stabilises and adapts at the same time. What more could you possibly want? ;-)

Conclusion on the adidas Crazy BYW

Whether as a sports or leisure shoe, the adidas Crazy BYW is definitely made for it. If you also like extravagance and a cool style, the sneaker should definitely be in your shoe closet.

Many users recommend the shoe and are enthusiastic about. There are no major concerns about this sneaker at all. It's a crazy model, but its users can't imagine life without it, plus it has undoubtedly convincing style and performance.