Probably the Most Unusual Collab of the Year

Yeah, that actually happened! Fashion label Zara has now actually dropped a Playstation sneaker — and without much hype around it.

Sony already has a history together with Nike. Various Playstation releases, such as a Nike Air Force 1 or a PG 2 were quite hyped in the past and are now reaching pretty crazy prices on the reseller markets.

All of a sudden, Sony has obviously changed its collab partner and designed a sneaker with Zara. And it looks, at least partly, very familiar to us, because the neon green sole looks suspiciously similar to an Air Max 270.

The shoe as a whole is obviously dedicated to the Playstation 1. The entire upper is kept in the iconic grey colour. Of course, the Playstation logo and the pattern of the buttons on the Playstation controller should not be missing.

Where Can I Buy the Zara x Playstation Sneaker?

For those of you who are interested, the shoe is available at Zara, but only in children’s sizes. Check out the online store for all the details.