Nike Blazer - Its Comeback in 2020

If there is a silhouette from the Nike range that stands out this year, it is definitely the Nike Blazer silhouette. The Air Force 1 and other classics are still here for sure and they get a new colourway almost every day. Nevertheless, the Blazer seems to want to push the others off their throne.


We are writing this update on February 13th and just now, we have seen the Nike Blazer in some new colours. In these first 7 weeks, we saw an incredible 7 different colour schemes. Most versions came with a white base and a colored Swoosh as well as a Nike lettering on the heel. The rest of the Blazers might be the more valuable ones for other sneakerheads because of the suede upper. The soft material currently drops in the colours “Thunderstrom”, “Wolf Grey”, and “Neptune Green”.

But, if you are thinking that you are caught in a time loop because the same sneakers were already released in 2019, then you are wrong. Exactly one year ago, we saw some Nike Blazers as well, but they differ in colour from the current versions. The Nike Blazer Mid Vintage 77 “Worn Brick”, for example,  has a different style code than the Nike Blazer Mid Vintage 77 “Red”. If you are looking for the style code BQ6806-102, you will find today’s version. With the stylecode BQ6806-600, you will find the 2019 version. The same can be found with the blue Nike Blazer in our release calendar. At first sight, the colour seems to be identical. But, the stylecode of Nike proves that the colours differ significantly.

But, why are we seeing more Nike Blazers in 2020 than in the previous years? The answer is actually quite easy. Nike is simply restocking the market with the silhouette. In the past few months, the sale of sneakers have been declining slowly. In addition, the hype around the Blazer silhouette has increased. In 2018 and 2019, a famous designer put his hand on the masterpiece. Virgil Abloh is responsible for the real boom of the Nike Blazer. In 2018, he designed an Off-white x Nike Blazer. Of course, the model was a heavy thing then. The shoes were sold out even after only a few seconds. But, also in 2019, he put his hand on it once again. This time, he teamed up with Serena Williams. A short time later, another sneaker dropped, pushing the hype status of the Blazer even further.

So, what else can we expect from the Nike Blazer in 2020? Probably a whole lot more. We suspect that the “small” and slight colour changes are only the beginning. As we’ve said, the year has just started and we have already seen some colourways, and the next ones are already at the starting blocks. These include the sketch-like versions. Half-painted Swooshes and sketches seem to be only just the beginning. We just hope that Nike will also choose other Blazer models too, which have decreased significantly in the last years. A collaborative high or low Blazer would definitely be great. Let’s see what else the future has to offer for us.