Nike Air Force 1 High with GORE-TEX and Bulky Air Sole

If you own this Nike Air Force 1 High, you’re perfectly equipped for the winter. Also, the bulky boots now come in a very clean Wheat colourway. Check out the Nike Air Force 1 High GORE-TEX for yourself.

The Nike Air Force 1 High GORE-TEX gets a classic full-leather construction. The high-quality leather is brown and reminds you of the typical wheats that drop every year. But some are probably looking at the big Air sole.

With this bulky rubber sole, you will always have a good grip in winter. GORE-TEX adorns the side heels while colour-matched straps round off the colourway.

Don’t Miss the Release of the Nike Air Force 1 High GORE-TEX

The Nike Air Force 1 High GORE-TEX will probably drop in a few weeks. So, if you’re looking for good winter boots from Nike, don’t miss these sneakers.

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