New Nike Air Force 1 “Halloween” Planned for 2021

Nike releases many new Air Force 1s that may not appeal to everyone’s tastes right away, but the iterations for Halloween are always impressive and liked by almost every sneakerhead. Now, a few months before Halloween, we take a look at a Nike Air Force 1 that has fans rallying again.

Reportedly, Nike will step back from the skeletal design in 2021 and go back to glowing eyes. The brand new version has a black upper and grey eyes in a spooky design. In the dark, the sneakers then show their true colours, as the eyes have a glow-in-the-dark effect.

Other colour hits include “Starfish” on the outsoles and lining, while cream midsoles and black branding round off the overall design.

Don’t Miss the Release of the Nike Air Force 1 “Halloween” (2021)

There’s no confirmation yet for the Nike Air Force 1 “Halloween” (2021), but insiders are sure the sneakers will drop at Nike and select retailers before the holiday.

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