More Nike Dunks Could Be Released in 2021

When we remember the releases in 2020, a lot of great and heavy sneakers shoot right into our heads. The Dunk Lows especially define the time with their many different iterations. Since we have only just arrived in May 2020, it is hard to imagine the sneakers in 2021.

But the editions will probably rock as much as they did this year. In the first few months, rumours said that two Nike SB Dunk Highs could drop: a grey Nike Dunk High Retro and an orange Nike Dunk High Retro that reminds us of the “Syracuse”. It could get even wilder in the second half. Two more Dunk High Retros as well as six Dunk Lows with flashy colours like Gold/Navy will supposedly appear.

Will There Be More Dunks in 2021?

The release dates of the sneakers will probably not be announced until 2021. But we will stay on it and inform you about the new drops in time for the new year.

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pics by @py_rates_