Luxury Fashion House Louis Vuitton Releases Single Pair Sneaker Box

Haven’t you always wanted to have a luxury sneaker box to store your Grails? A lavish place to keep them so that everyone can see they’re your absolute favourites? Well, your wish has just been granted! This is because luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton will soon be releasing its very own deluxe sneaker box.

The box’s design is already deemed a classic today. This is mainly because of the unmistakable signature case and the highly coveted LV monogram Eclipse all-over print. It comes with a fold-down door made with Perspex sheet, which allows you to view your precious pair from outside. Unfortunately, you can only store one pair in the box. This guarantees that it has enough air space. In addition, all sides and corners are protected with stainless steel. This is so the box can be stacked vertically and horizontally.

The box also has black walls made of leather and a transparent flap door. All side panels have the typical LV features. Louis Vuitton has built in additional drawers that hide under the sneakers so that accessories can also be stashed there.

We bet you can’t wait to have your very own Louis Vuitton single-pair sneaker box for your Grails!

Unfortunately, Louis Vuitton has not yet revealed the retail price. But, you can safely assume that the box will probably not come cheap. Currently, only one box is known to have been released in Miami. Should there be any updates, we will inform you immediately.

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