Liberty x PUMA: New Collection Focuses on Strong and Confident Women


PUMA has put together a massive collection with iconic design and department stores’ Liberty London. Together, they offer a range of clothing and sneakers for women who want their style to embody confidence and independence. Check out the pieces here, and also find out where you can buy them.

“What empowers me is seeing people live their true, authentic selves… Liberty is the autonomy and strength to follow your own path… to wake up, look in the mirror, and say, “I did this today,”” say participants from the group Deba, Ami Evelyn Hughes, Taya Francis, and Bones Tan Jones, who come together on a farm with lots of greenery and wildlife.

The focus of the large Liberty x PUMA collection is the popular camouflage print, which actually stands for “hide and conceal”. For the collection, the pattern has been transformed into a camo-inspired floral print to make the pieces stand out. They cover jackets, trousers, pleated skirts, and many other pieces.

Where to Shop the Pieces from the Liberty x PUMA Collection

Some of the Liberty x PUMA collection has already been released. On, you can already find tees and a crewneck, while other clothes will follow in the next days. Check out the attached link.


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