Great Collection at Balenciaga

Marvel superheroes have often been a part of several collections by well-known labels. This collection, however, belongs only to the Hulk this time. Balenciaga has released a multi-part apparel capsule featuring Marvel’s superhero Hulk. Check out the official images in advance.

The large collection consists of several pieces. These include several tees, hoodies, crewnecks, a bomber hoodie, a slip dress, a sling bag, an XXL backpack, and a scarf. The clothes were made in Portugal, while the accessories come from Italy.

The Hulk is clearly in the foreground of each piece, although the motif does not change. The favourite character of many Marvel fans appears either on the front or on the back in his typical torn trousers.

Shop the Hulk Collection at Balenciaga Now

You can now buy all the clothes from the Hulk collection at Balenciaga. Check out the label’s online shop here. The clothes cost between €350 and €1,490.

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