FILA Brings Back the Retro Sneakers FILA Grant Hill 2

The second signature sneaker from basketball legend Grant Hill is finally here! Last year, Hill signed a lifelong contract with FILA. Under the new contract, it was mentioned that the two partners would revive the retro sneakers as part of the agreement.

And, behold! Many years later, the second Signature sneaker debuts again with the beginning of the cold months. The first FILA Grant Hill 2 originally came out in 1996. This new series drops in colours black, navy blue, and red and is also offered in the “Low” version as well as in children’s sizes. FILA’s latest version comes with a premium leather and is accentuated with the classic FILA logos on the side, tongue and toes.

Don’t miss Grant Hill’s second signature sneaker, the FILA Grant Hill 2!

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