Diadora Drops Two N902 Outdoor Iterations

Diadora kicks off the new year with some sleek iterations. Included are some Diadora sports shoes, casual trainers, and other premium versions. Also dropping alongside the iterations are these two Diadora N902 Outdoor in “Viridian Green/Cayenne” and “Oyster White/Russet Orange” colourways.

Diadora originally released the N.9000 in 1992, followed by several reinterpretations of the classic and this N902. Overall, the sneakers look very futuristic because they have a streamlined upper. Smooth elements are perfectly layered, apart from the suede stripe at the back.

The Diadora N902 Outdoor are made of a lightweight nylon and sit on a sturdy, speckled outsole.

Both Diadora N902 Outdoor Are Available in the Shop

You can already buy both Diadora N902 Outdoor iterations via the Diadora online shop for 105€ each. You can find the links to the sneakers here.

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