Balenciaga Triple S in “White/Blue” Now Available

What would the sneaker world be without our so-called “dad shoes”? Dad shoes have reached a cult status and we simply can’t imagine life without them anymore. Some people have started calling them as such because it appears that most dads are the ones who usually wear them. Balenciaga is one such brand that has the knack for giving their sneakers the said look.

The new iteration of the Balenciaga Triple S comes with a new makeover in a black/white/blue colourway. The shoe is made with a range of materials such as mesh, rubber, suede, and leather. Balenciaga’s logo is accentuated with a white lettering on the side and a “triple S” on the tongue. And, as we now know from this upcoming release, the shoe size is embroidered right on the toe of this new model.

Balenciaga’s Triple S “White/Blue” is already available.

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